Social media and home security

With the many social media platforms that are widely used nowadays, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, it is becoming more common for us to publish our moves without hesitation.

Many people have the mistaken assumption that their apparently insignificant thoughts are only read by a handful of pals. This is the hazardous misunderstanding about online anonymity: that your personal information, no matter how little, might put you in danger if it gets into the wrong hands.

Home security

One clear example is the danger it presents to home security. While none of us would ever advertise the fact that our homes are vacant to complete strangers, that is exactly what we are doing when we upload Christmas images and the like on Facebook.

Many of us believe our status updates are confidential. While privacy settings provide some protection, they do not totally protect your location from those who know how to access it — and some people are unaware that their images are not locked away at all.

Many burglars now find their next target by scouring social networking sites for information on where homes are at any given time.They’re not just looking for vacation photos; the location choices that are connected to many status updates today offer clues for would-be home invaders, letting them know how far away from the house someone is at any given moment.

With that in mind, here are some recommendations for safer social media use in terms of home security.

Holiday Pictures

While it may be tempting to brag to friends and family (particularly coworkers!) about how you’re relaxing on a golden beach someplace, you should think twice before promoting your vacant house to criminals. That doesn’t mean you can’t publish your photos; just wait till you return and specify that you’re doing so retroactively.


Many social networking networks, especially Facebook, urge you to include your location in every status update or picture upload. While this may appear appealing, consider the message it sends to anyone who is curious about your whereabouts while possibly casing your property.

Keep your plans private.

You could be looking forward to that next weekend getaway or that day out in the countryside, but avoid the urge to share your excitement on social media. Not only will you be announcing that your house will be vacant for a period of time, but you’ll also be giving any possible invaders the chance to plan a break-in ahead of time.

Being careful what you post on social media is just one aspect of preventing burglaries, installing a home security system will provide further protection and help to deter criminals. Ultimate Alarms supplies and installs burglar alarm and CCTV systems in Glasgow and across the central belt of Scotland. Call us to discuss your security requirements today.

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