The cost of living crisis and home security

2022 has seen the return of bad times economically for many with rising food, fuel and energy prices fuelled by reduced production and transportation caused by the coronavirus pandemic and the invasion of Ukraine. What has this got to do with home security you may ask.

Total recorded crime figures in Scotland showed a downward trend generally from over 310,000 incidences in 2011-12 to under 250,000 in 2020-21 but this tracked a relatively stable period following the recovery from the 2008 financial crash. In the 2008-9 period – the immediate aftermath of the crash – there were over 1 million reported offences in Scotland. Some commentators have predicted that crime could rise in 2022-23 as a result of the return of bad financial times for many.

Numbers of police officers in Scotland have fallen to a fourteen year low in 2022 and the police clear up rate for theft by housebreaking was less than one third.

The possibility of rising property crime and relatively low clear up rates means that it is important than ever to take steps to protect your home and family.

Isn’t it time you took control of the situation?

To dissuade thieves, the easiest (and most reasonable) strategy is to remove any signals that your house is an easy/attractive target. To do this, you must convince the thieves that your home is a high risk, low reward proposition. Today’s burglars employ very sophisticated tactics to identify their next victims. They also have greater insight into our lives than ever before.

If you’re planning a holiday, keep valuables out of sight (preferably in a safe) and make sure that mail doesn’t pile up on the doorstep. Calendars placed near the window may confirm a burglar’s suspicions, and publishing your intentions on social media can be just as effective as an invitation to housebreakers. Keep your grass cut and consider leaving a car on the drive.

While taking these basic steps will ensure you cover the essentials to make your absence less obvious, they will not offer you peace of mind or a deterrent, particularly if you are gone for an extended length of time.

As crime has changed through time, so have the home security systems we install, which may now either prevent a burglary (by deterring thieves) or supply the authorities with enough evidence to get a conviction from the likes of home CCTV footage. The obvious presence of a burglar alarm system and security cameras outside your building actively discourages thieves from approaching the building for fear of setting off an alarm and being recorded on video.

If an intruder breaks the system is triggered via a sensor at the point of entry detection, activating a high-powered alarm siren and alerting the homeowner and a dedicated remote monitoring centre (in the case of monitored alarms) – all of which help to reduce the duration of the burglary and potentially scare the intruder off, preventing the financial and emotional harm that a burglary can cause.

When used in conjunction with the Pyronix HomeControl 2.0 app, you can take complete control of your security from anywhere in the globe over the internet, triggering or disabling the intruder alarm depending in real-time and monitoring any alarm activity.

Call Ultimate Alarms today and take control of your home’s security. For smart house alarms that combine cutting-edge technology combined with easy control by smartphone, fob or keypad look no further than a Pyronix security system supplied & installed by us in Glasgow, Paisley and throughout central Scotland. Full home CCTV systems also available.

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