The growth of CCTV in Scotland

CCTV has become ingrained in the contemporary British environment, safeguarding businesses and homes while also giving police forces and security firms an important tool for preventing and solving crime.


Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) was first used to protect high-profile locations that were likely to be targeted by criminals, such as banks and high-end retail establishments, in the late 1970s. They were associated with fuzzy, low-quality photos shown on news stories and crime-based programming since they were bulky and costly. With advancements in technology and less invasive, wireless installations, the usage of CCTV in all types of residential and commercial premises has skyrocketed.

Surveillance in Glasgow

Surprisingly, the Glasgow city area is currently one of the UK’s most heavily surveilled council areas, with over five thousand CCTV cameras, the equivalent of over 870 cameras per ten thousand people. Overall, however, the City of London remains Britain’s number one spender on public CCTV.

Public opinion

In a recent YouGov study of six thousand people throughout Europe conducted this year, the British contingent said unequivocally that CCTV does not impede or hinder freedom in any way. This was expressed by 67 percent of the sample, with a signifcant 81 percent seeing it as a beneficial instrument in the battle against crime.

The figures indicate a “trade-off” in the public’s mind between civil liberties and crime prevention, which was previously thought to be around 50/50 until the survey’s results were disclosed. Although the typical Briton is thought to be seen on CCTV roughly seventy times every day, the great majority of these are short views in stores, which many people consider a minor price to pay for better crime prevention.

This reflects a change in attitudes toward the enormous advantages that CCTV delivers to contemporary communities, with each advancement in technology making it simpler to identify perpetrators and providing a stronger deterrent to vandalism in the first place.

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