What to do in the event of a burglary

It’s a question we have all asked ourselves at some point – what would or should I do if there is a burglar breaks in while I’m at home?

The most essential rule to remember in any scenario is to keep your cool and avoid panicking. You don’t know who your thief is or what motivates him. Despite the fact that some thieves are seasoned professionals who prefer to avoid confrontation, the potential for violence cannot be ruled out.

As tempted as you may be to defend your home and family physically, personal safety and the safety of your loved ones must always come first and the use of force can have unforeseen consequences which could impact the rest of your life.

Don’t panic!

Strange noises coming from the other end of the apartment or house when the residents are asleep is a scenario that almost everyone has imagined at least once. To establish if you are in such a situation, begin by breathing deeply and focusing. Check to verify whether the noise is coming from within your home and if it isn’t the result of a natural event like a pet, a waking child, or an electrical device.

If you’re certain that the sounds signal a break-in, your goal now is to stay away from the invaders. It may be best to flee with your children or other close relatives, depending on the layout of your home.

In this situation, rise silently and exit the premises, taking care not to cross the attackers’ path. As soon as you feel safe, dial 999 to contact Police Scotland and give them an accurate and factual description of what happened.

Hide in a locked room

If you are unable to escape quietly, try to gather your loved ones and lock yourself away in one of the outlying rooms. After the door is locked and hidden from view, make as little noise as possible, but try to give the alarm over the phone. It’s critical to remember that the majority of burglars are after your goods and wish to avoid being seen. They are also less inclined to attempt to force entry into the room where you are imprisoned if they can get their loot elsewhere.

Use the panic alarm function

For this, you need to have installed a remotely-monitored alarm (as we at Ultimate Alarms highly recommend): you can use the panic button feature of our Pyronix alarms in various ways – using your smartphone (and the Pyronix HomeControl 2.0 or ProControl apps), one of the dedicated HUD key fob controllers, the wireless keypad or HomeControl HUB tablet option to send a silent alert to the Alarm Receiving Centre. The remote operator there can immediately request police help once she/he has established the existence of an intrusion. The verification is done, for example, by speaking with you over the intercom

So, what’s next? Wait for the intruders to emerge from their hiding place. Maintain your cool and avoid cleaning up any potential evidence if/when the burglar’s leave the scene. Reassure your loved ones. Experiencing a home burglary will always be traumatic but keeping calm and focusing on you & your family’s personal safety will help to ensure that you survive it physically intact.

A monitored alarm delivers true peace of mind as it means that professional security operators are remotely overseeing and responding to your home’s security system, every day of the year 24/7. This means that, unlike unmonitored systems, your alarm is never just ignored when you are at work, away for the day or off on holiday. For full protection we at Ultimate Alarms recommend installing a monitored home security system. Call now for details of our remotely monitored alarms.

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