What to do when you hear a house alarm

The sound of a neighbouring property’s burglar alarm going off, as bothersome as it may be, might indicate a serious problem. When you hear a neighbour’s alarm, it’s crucial to be alert and not simply dismiss it as just another false alarm.

The following step-by-step instructions will educate you on how to react appropriately in a potentially life-threatening scenario.

Perform a visual check

When you hear a neighbour’s alarm, the first thing you should do is examine the situation. Determine which home is making the noise and keep an eye on it for any unusual activities. You won’t know if a fire alarm or an intruder alarm has been activated, so keep an eye out for unusual activities in any case. Is there any smoke? Is there anybody strange fleeing the area? As you examine the property, ask yourself these questions. Your observations must not be transient; it is critical to check every few minutes to see if anything changes.

Phone your neighbour

If you know your neighbor’s contact information, you can phone or text them. If they aren’t at home, this will notify them of the problem. They’ll also be able to tell you whether the alert is false.

Don’t take risks

Although a ringing alarm may indicate that your neighbour is in danger, you must not react by placing yourself at risk. If you observe smoke coming from the home, do not enter or even approach it. Similarly, if you see an intruder leaving the house, do not approach them. Doing one of these actions might put your life and the lives of your neighbours in jeopardy. Stay concealed and gather as much information as you can to pass on to the authorities. If you feel the desire to approach closer to thoroughly examine the scenario, maintain a safe space between yourself and the property and hide as much as possible.

Call the emergency services

If you see anything suspicious, you should report it to the appropriate authorities.

However, if you have been monitoring and have not seen any suspicious behaviour or difficulties, you do not need to call 999 immediately. Some activated alarms are false alarms, and dispatching an emergency service without proof of a problem might prevent someone else from obtaining assistance when they really need it.

Consider purchasing a monitored alarm to guarantee that the proper action is always performed when your home alarm is activated. When a monitored alarm is activated, it sends a signal to a third-party security firm. If necessary, the security firm will examine the situation and notify you, as well as the appropriate authorities or emergency services.

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