Where to position home security cameras

Security cameras are a terrific way to monitor your home while you’re away, especially since we all have busy lives.

The last thing you want to be doing while you’re away from home is worrying about your property, whether you’re at work, out for the day, or just taking a well-earned break from the daily grind. And now that there are so many CCTV and smart security camera solutions available, it’s even simpler to check in on and keep an eye on your house while you’re away.

Security cameras are also an excellent deterrent to stop opportunists from targeting your home. Nobody wants to be caught in the act. But it’s important that these security cameras are put up in the right places to not only catch these thieves in the act but also make sure they are seen and stop other people from breaking into your home in the future.

Where you put your home security cameras will determine how well they protect and cover your home.

External monitoring

Before you decide where to put your CCTV, you should do a home security check. Security cameras are important for keeping an eye on the outside of your house.

A house often has a number of weak points, including the front door, the yard, and the garage. Because of this, you must make sure that these places are safe by pointing your new outdoor security cameras in their direction.

If your home has ever been stolen into, the entryway used by the thieves will almost certainly be a weak spot for your house. In order to ensure that the location is secure and to dissuade criminals from returning, you might think about installing a security camera right there.

Extreme weather conditions are also successfully handled by outside security cameras. This is why it’s crucial to consider how your cameras will be impacted by elements like direct sunlight, which will cause glare on the device, and elements like adjacent vegetation that has outgrown its capacity, which will cover the lens.

Night vision

Most high-quality outdoor security cameras have night vision, so we can easily place yours in a good spot to watch your back garden or front door at any time of day or night.

With a range of advanced home CCTV systems from Ultimate Alarms you can keep an eye on your house at any time of day or night using a smartphone thanks to night vision technology offering coverage even during the hours of darkness – all streamed live to a smartphone app or dedicated tablet.

The brand-new Pyronix LightCam is a great alternative. It’s a terrific deterrent and monitoring tool all in one, with motion detection to detect any suspicious activity and alert you right away, built-in security lighting, and two-way audio to frighten any opportunists seeking their next victim.

Internal monitoring

You can then step inside after determining where to place your indoor security cameras. In order to help you keep an eye on what matters most to you, we provide a variety of indoor security camera alternatives that enable you to observe any prime target point around your home.

Our wireless Hikvision and Pyronix cameras may be installed in any room of the house and directed at important entry points like doors, windows, and even the garage. These cameras will look for movement and let you know through an app on your phone if they find any.

Our home CCTV systems let you access the live video feed from your smartphone at any time, anywhere. You can constantly be aware of the status of your home security because you can watch over the interior of your house from anywhere.

Check on your pets

Additionally, indoor security cameras are made to make it simple to keep an eye on your dog when you’re not home. Placing an interior security camera where your pets will be left when you leave will allow you to check on them at any time of day or night. It’s only natural to worry about their safety while you aren’t around.

To make sure you never miss a moment of your dogs while you’re away, our Hikvision controlled pan & tilt camera enables you to keep an eye on them by following their movement around your house or room.

So, if you’re thinking about buying indoor or outdoor security cameras this season, we’ll first do a home security audit to make sure your cameras are set up in the best way to keep burglars away.

Trust Ultimate Alarms for CCTV installation in Glasgow & throughout central Scotland including Paisley, East Kilbride & Hamilton. We fit high quality Pyronix & Hikvision security camera solutions for homes across the central belt. Contact us today to discuss your home CCTV needs.

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