Why replace an old burglar alarm?

Burglars are constantly devising new ways to get access to your house, which means that older burglar alarms may become ineffective as criminals know how to bypass or disable them. While any burglar alarm is preferable to none, the most recent systems are more likely to discourage or detect a break-in.

Alarm systems have a long history

Since prehistory, guard dogs have been used, and the Romans even used geese to warn them of attackers. Pharaohs devised elaborate strategies to prevent the pyramids from being looted. A battery-powered mechanism that would set a bell ringing whenever a window is opened was patented in the USA as long ago as the 1850’s.

With the introduction of motion sensors, PIR motion detection technologies, and mobile app control, alarm systems have advanced since then. Wireless burglar alarms have debuted, promising to make houses safer than ever before.

Why do outdated burglar alarm systems need to be replaced?

One of the most compelling reasons to upgrade a burglar alarm is the arms race between robbers and homeowners. Metal detectors, drones, and Google Earth are increasingly used by thieves to scout out houses they believe are worth breaking into. It’s also simpler than ever to figure out how a home is laid out by looking at floor plans and photos from real estate brokers, which may stay online long after the house or apartment has been sold.

Other reasons to consider upgrading your burglar alarm system include:

So, if you have an outdated alarm system that no longer fulfils your demands, consider the following features:

Wireless technology

A wireless alarm system is made up of anti-intruder features that are connected via WiFi and/or a GPRS SIM. Various options are available to tailor a system to you & your home’s needs – a range of shock, magnetic and motion are all linked to a control panel that can monitor the data they offer. This provides several benefits over a standard wired system. Full perimeter protection systems add security cameras to the alarm set up to provide early warning of attempted intrusion.

Remote monitoring

For many years, security firms have been able to remotely monitor alarm systems via fixed line telephone systems; however, they are vulnerable to the same threats as wired alarm systems: robbers may cut the connection.

Modern monitoring systems make use of cutting-edge technology and are connected to a 24-hour Alarm Receiving Centre that analyses data from your burglar alarm system. If a sensor is activated, experts evaluate any alarm activation to determine if a genuine danger exists and initiate a suitable response. There’s a lower chance of a false alert being triggered, making the system more effective.

Mobile phone control

The use of mobile phones to control burglar alarm systems is perhaps the most important advancement in burglar alarm system technology. The Pyronix burglar alarm systems we install are connected to a phone app that notifies you when an alarm is triggered and lets you view what’s going on on your screen. You can even be sent images to your phone if your system has been enhanced with security cameras such as the new Pyronix Light Camera. The applications are also compatible with tablets and can be accessed via a web browser, allowing you to activate or deactivate an alarm or check who is on the premises from nearly anywhere with an internet connection.

Motion detection

Older alarm sensors were prone to false alarms as they were offered wide coverage so were unable to tell the difference between an animal and a burglar and were even set off by the likes of curtains swaying in a slight breeze. Modern pet-friendly sensors are designed to detect human-like heat movements, making them considerably better at identifying these and minimising annoying false activations.

Is it time to replace your old home alarm?

For smart house alarms that combine cutting-edge technology combined with easy control by smartphone, fob or keypad look no further than a Pyronix security system supplied & installed by Ultimate Alarms. We can replace your old burglar with alarm with a brand new home security system for greater protection. Contact us today for new alarm installation in Glasgow, Paisley and throughout central Scotland.

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